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Getting you seamlessly on the road ASAP following a non fault car crash...

If you were injured in a car accident then you are legally eligible to recover the cost of repair to the vehicle, or its value if it has been written-off all as long as the accident was not your fault. Your car insurance company will usually deal with this part of the claim on your behalf.

Nonetheless what are you supposed to be doing while the insurers argue about whether it should be repaired, by whom, what, where and when, which garage all whilst your car stays parked up, un-driven and consequently still not repaired.

You are actually entitled to hire another car in the same category, similar enough to replace the one that you drove prior to the car accident (i.e. same specification, engine size and adaptable features if necessary). We provide a like for like  hire vehicle service once we establish liability and confirm the accident was not your fault together with confirming the at fault driver had correct motor vehicle insurance in place at the time of the accident. Once ser confirm these details hire vehicle is delivered and you can remain in hire until such time your own vehicle is fully repaired and returned to you, or until such time your own vehicles pre-accident value (write off value) paid and you are in receipt of cleared funds.

At Accident Hire Car, we provide non fault car hire vehicles and like for like courtesy car services, full UK nationwide service with 17 regional centres vehicles are delivered directly to you and at your convenience. Enabling you, the innocent party to get back on the road in a suitable like for like vehicle until such time your vehicle claim is settled. The cost of this service is covered by the at fault (third parties insurance) drivers insurance company so there is nothing for you to pay and no cost to you.

Accident Hire Car aim to get you seamlessly on the road ASAP following a non fault car crash. For any further information then please call us on 0845 388 9026

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“Transport is crucial for me and my job as I'm self employed. It was early morning and a guy drove into the back of me. They sorted out the recovery of my van and got me a replacement van whilst that was being fixed.” Terry - Salford
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